Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Partners at this level have a higher level of expertise in Microsoft technologies, with the opportunity to build relationships and receive the best features of the program.

Amazon web services

Secure cloud services platform, providing computing power, database storage, content distribution and other features to help companies scale and grow.


Solutions development and products using IoT concepts or RFID technology, assist integrating companies and software developers, component suppliers or specialized consulting.


Sector representation in legislative and tax areas, defending intellectual property, combating software piracy and supporting initiatives to foster research, innovation and the development of national software.


Technological environment with the objective of fomenting new technological economies oriented by innovative entrepreneurship and helping regions in sustainable developmenting.


OSCIP develops actions to promote the improvement of the competitiveness of the Brazilian Software and IT Services Industry (IBSS).


The Brazilian Automation Association is a multisectoral organization with the purpose of implementing and disseminating product identification standards.


It focus on subjects of industry, market of auto vehicles, agricultural automotive machines, coordinates and defends the collective interests of the associated companies in institutional character and exhibitions linked to the industry, as the divulgation of data in technological, economic and social character.